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Leak and Crack Waterproofing, Interior/Exterior Systems
Completed Crack Wateproofing
Exteior Drainage System
Completed Dry Interior System

Crack Injections: Method that can permanently fix cracks causing leakage. This can be accomplished by drilling a series of holes into the crack and injecting high pressure grout. This is a cost effective and permanent alternative to excavation.

Interior Systems: Interior drainage is the most cost effective way of repairing block and stone foundations. They can be installed anywhere exterior weeping tile has failed, causing seepage where the wall meets floor. The procedure involves removing 12" of concrete along the interior perimeter of your basement. Next is installation of weeping tile and stone in the resulting trench. The tile is then connected to your existing or new sump pump. This is followed by air gap membrane installed along foundation walls to grade line and re-pouring concrete floor along the perimeter. The method will provide a damp free and low humidity environment for a lifetime. It is a fraction of the cost of excavation and will permanently fix all leakage issues from the interior. (See Gallery)

Exterior Excavation: This method provides leak and seepage free foundations for a lifetime. It involves excavation from grade to footing and installing membrane over walls to seal out moisture. Foundation protrusions, electrical, sewer, etc is also sealed in from moisture. This is a common solution to leaky window well drainage problems as well.

Concrete, Block
Masonry Restoration
Foundation corner fractured. Our Team restored to new again
Repointed and replaced brick
Restored Concrete Stairs

Our team has completed countless residential repair projects including porches, stairs, walkways, fractured foundation corners, etc. We use the highest rated quality material in the industry. Concrete restoration is a great cost effective option to repair existing infrastructure as opposed to removing and replacing. 

Commercial Structural Epoxy and Polyurethane Injection
Sewage Treatment Tank Leak Repaired (Before & After)
Highway Bridge Structural Repair

The Drycrete team has extensive background in the commercial/industrial sectors and successfully completed many large scale waterproofing and structural projects. These include: bridge repair, piers, holding tanks, sewage treatment plants, CN bridges and dams. Whether its a leaking dam, holding tank or structural fracture, we have a wide range of epoxy/urethane that will satisfy engineer specifications.

Drycrete Air Gap Flooring System
Drycrete Low Impact Air Gap Subfloor Layer
Installing Drycrete Low Impact Air Gap Subfloor
Completed Drycrete Low Impact Air Gap Subfloor

Our air gap system is ideal for any basement floor. It provides an air gap between cement floor and flooring. This results in a comfortable, low impact, warm and dry floor. Easily installed in any basement. The humidity level in the area is significantly reduced and is half the price of drycor flooring installed with superior results.

Sump Pumps & Downspout Redirection
Completed Sump Pump Install
Typical Sump Pump Installation
Downspout Redirecting Underground

Sump Pump: Installing a large variety of sump pit/sump pumps our specialty. We carry a wide variety of battery back up systems, including wifi alarms to ensure your system is running smoothly - and no surprises while you're away!

Downspout Redirection: Can help to reduce groundwater around your foundation. Downspouts can be ran to the street, backyard or anywhere grade allows enough slope to help water travel. 4" pipe is buried below grade, running from your downspout to the desired location. It's a great way to reduce water and frost buildup that can wreak havoc on your foundation. This is an effective way to ensure your home and foundation stays safe from damage. 

Leak and Crack Repair
Concrete, Block and Masonry Repair
Commercial Structural Epoxy and Polyurethane Injection
Drycrete Air Gap Flooring System
Sump Pumps & Downspout Redirection
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